Rumal is in active development and currently has support for the following features.

  • Running scans via GUI.
  • Support for multiple front-ends on a common back-end. User can choice which back-end (from a list of available back-ends) to submit the scan to, or select any.
  • Graphing of scan data into a tree.
  • Geo IP based info visualization using MaxMind DB
  • A built-in plugin for adding Whois data lookup.
  • Multiple sharing modes: Private, Public and within Groups
  • Bookmark Public and your own Scans.
  • Code highlighting for stored code using Google Code Prettify
  • Enrichment daemon couple with a simple plugin development API to allow extension as needed.
  • Social elements: Commenting on a specific node in the scan tree, modifying sharing modes of scans and adding tags to scans.
  • Advanced searching scans available to view with our custom query language.


Rumal is licensed under the GPLv2 or later. Rumal releases also include and make use of other libraries with their own separate licenses.

The license is available here.