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A rumāl is a piece of clothing similar to a handkerchief or bandana. [...] The rumāl was used by the Thugs in India as a method of strangulation. A coin was knotted in one end of the scarf, and would be swung around the neck of the victim; who would then be strangled in the most brutal and abhorrent manner.

This project aims to be Thug’s dress - providing a convenient web GUI - but also its weapon, as it should provide a set of tools that should enrich Thug’s output with new metadata and allow for correlation of results.

While it is perfectly possible to use it as a simple web GUI for Thug on your own computer, with you as the only user, Rumāl has been designed to support multi-user environments, where a single back-end can serve to multiple front-ends. Also, work is in progress to extend Rumal so that that you can comfortably share your results, settings, etc. resulting in easy collaboration with other users.